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Tor and Mongo

Tor and Mongo

Our two Brahma cross bull calves, Tor (my explanation on how to say ‘Tor’ is think of the word ‘Thor’ but say it as if you are a youngster just learning to walk, and because of the funny gait, adults are always asking if it’s time for a change but it is really because you have a little rash going on down there so you say “No, I’m Tor”)… and Mongo!  Both have that really deep sounding voice and have gotten to know their names, returning with a beller most every time I give them a shout or they see  me working in the shop or just driving by.

See we have them in separate pens side by side, with their own hutch (building). Some times we open the dividing gate and let them play together for the day. Mongo’s pen is big enough so he can run around his hutch when I rub him and yell ‘Mongo, run.” So cool…I am trying to get him to do it on command so we can video it! We’re hoping!!

Tor is also starting to get the idea of jumping around when I’m rubbing and talking to him. Just have to change his pen around so he has a little more running room. Again, let’s hope! Then maybe the ‘be a clown in a rodeo’ on my bucket list will happen!!

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