P-O’d Humor

1307263Rainy day7_256079724745290_4740227955472550401_oNow let me start by saying the I like buttons; was there during the button fly jeans craze, think the only good suspenders must be hooked on with buttons! Have no problem with the ‘easy’ button, in fact I feel that everyone over 80 should get one the same way you’d get a gold watch after working at the same place for 50 years!

But who and what was the jackass thinking who came up with this ‘reset’ button. Now listen kids, when you chop the chicken’s head off and he stops floppin’ around, we’re talking Buffalo wings on Super Bowl Sunday, Jack! Their ain’t no ‘reset’ button here!

Is it just me, or did all this rear it’s ugly head with video games?What happened to that old Pinball machine that ate your quarter and yelled, TILT<TILT<TILT at you every time you kicked or shook the shit out of it? It taught you how to restrain yourself or go whine to the guy with 100 keys on his belt and he would come back and open up the machine and give you back your quarter. You’d do it all over again, only this time he’d tell you to go play SkeeBall, win some tickets and he’s give you a rubber ducky, kid.

So let’s remember, we are all riding this train with a one way ticket so let’s use our heads here. No more ‘ oh maybe next time’, or how about a ‘do over’ and for damned sure no more pushing that reset button! Be like Carol; no second take when we do a video…that sounds bad doesn’t it!!!

Any way, button up that shirt and let’s get out there and do it up right the first time, on time the way we said we were going to do !!Whew! Got through without naming people or businesses; just sacrificed the button. Oh, hell, they were probably made overseas, so just deport them anyway…

P.S. This is my frustration on getting services as a small farm in today’s big corporate world…

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