Finagin’s Wake!

Bear on Chestnut Hill

Right beside the road! Awesome!

After a good day of baling up another 500+ bales of hay, we went over to pizza night at the Round House, to meet up with our good friends Jon and Maria Katz; or should I say our very good friend Maria and that relentless , nagging teacher, Jon?!

First , let me tell Scott,’great pizza, plus when you drive by the farm pull in, the dogs let me know someone’s there!’Actually everyone’s welcome, even Jon!

On the way over Chestnut Hill, just past Mckee Hollow Rd. headed toward Cambridge, on the left we saw a bear…picture above…Looked to be quite healthy and didn’t seem overly concerned as we stopped to take his picture. So even before getting to listen to that great, relaxing music…thank you , a great job on Finagin’s Wake…the hustle of a typical hay day was turned into plain old GOOD TIMES!


  1. You two are such an inspiration – and you bring back memories of my childhood visits to my grandparents farm years ago. Like you, they were hard-working, good natured, and loving to all things living – especially each other. I’m loving your blog(s).



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