“Back Look”

Jon and Ed prepare for O>H>

Preparing for Open House!

Just a few thoughts on Bedlam Farm Open House and to pick on Jon…. Monday morning quarterback style… before writing a real post on cow sense..First on the est. of 500 to 700 people coming; let’s put a guest book out. Now, I’m not questioning your number, it’s more the range makes me think you’re running a political campaign. Next, damn it, BLEACHERS so we all can see the sheep shearing, that is like Broadway in this part of the country! You also can either detour traffic while people are reading poems or giving talks; or maybe just a good sound system and no, you don’t use it; we have all heard your song and dance before!

Lastly, there are two animals I think should be at the farm: a cow and a goat!!

All joking aside! THANK YOU, THANK YOU MARIA,AND THANK EVERYONE THAT CAME!! (Now can I take you out to dinner so maybe, come October I’ll be off the naughty list?) Love ya, Man!!!


  1. I would have loved to come and meet you all but I am just a little to far for a day trip. It’s nice to see pictures though. Hope you guys had fun.



  2. Excellent points! Especially about the guestbook. I am too far away to come, but would love to know the different places that the visitors call home. Ed, why don’t you bring the cow and the goat for the fall open house? I’m sure Jon and Maria would be amenable to this idea.



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