My Farmer and Me –We’re Back!!!

My Farmer speaks

He speaks–Twice!!

We have been without our Internet for a few days, so we are ypdating you on our weekend! Ed brought numerous pieces of his ‘junk art’ to Jon and Maria Katz’s Open House on Saturday and Sunday. We went last year also, and we agree that this year we were both more comfortable in doing so this year.

Ed spoke a bit about farm life; our’s being different from the large farms as we get more personal with our animals and that today vs the past, we are driven by economics and trying to make a dollar while doing what we enjoy. It is certainly getting harder and harder to do so.

We met many interesting people this weekend and some who we met last year returned and were most encouraging about what we are doing. Never dreamed we would be doing a Blog and Ed would be ‘famous’ for his art. Many people purchased his things and that was exciting.

Today we are back to doing hay.  We were able to get all but around 70 or so bales before the rain showed up. All wagons were filled and unloaded 2. We need the rain, and now it appears to want to clear up! Why couldn’t it hold off just another hour?!?!

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