Wishin’ and a hopin’


We applaud Mother Nature…sometimes!

Just as we were headed toward the house last night, to call it a day, the rain started to fall. Thank you Mother Nature!!

Right here in our neck of the woods it is really needed. You can notice lawns that are kept short are now more brown than green. In our corn fields I’ve noticed areas of dull green that are shorter than the rest…areas of pure gravel on our gravel base farm…

What through the years has been call ‘tuck-it’ corn, meaning it is wasting your time to chop so tuck-it where the sun don’t shine!!! Let’s hope the rain makes it come to.

Have also been watching brooks and other water sources in pastures so every one has a fresh drink. With the good hay weather the last couple of weeks, lots of hay has just recently been taken off the fields so this dose of water helps jump start the next cutting.

Alas, Nature’s sprinkler system!! Seems ironic that as a younger man you sometimes hoped for a rainy day to get a break from haying; while as an older man you’re wishin’ for rain so as to get more hay!!

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