My Farmer and Me-Emotions!


I am feeling a bit emotional about the ‘bear’ incident of last evening and thankful I was not there to witness it. You see, I tend to dwell on such things as this sad event and they often return perhaps days later in a dream. Yes, I know it sounds silly, but believe me, it is true. I am challenged as to the reason for such things happening in my subconscious (if that is where these dreams or often nightmares are triggered) and feel very sad and even weary after it occurs.

I just felt the need to pass on something that happened here this morning when Ed felt compelled to write a post about Sir Jim. After he writes one, he reviews it and then reads it out loud to me so I can ask questions about it before putting it up on the Blog. That way, hopefully, it is clear to our readers, the point that he is trying to convey.

So…this morning after he had taken the time to write the ‘Right Thing” post and reviewed it, he asked me to sit and listen to him as he read it to me. My Farmer read fine until he got to the part of being privileged to have touched, hugged and measured Sir Jim; then he stopped and let the tears fall. We both let our emotions flow for a bit and returned to him reading and me listening.

Upon turning to the next page of his draft while putting up the post, I discovered the tears on the first page had dried up pretty much, but the ones on the this page were still there; so I captured them on my phone and sent them here. My Farmer is overjoyed at the gift of a bear hide but grief stricken and sad that Sir Jim made the ultimate sacrifice. I am so proud of the man that not too many people get to witness; oh yeah, he can be as gruff as a bear (pardon the pun) but as loving and caring as the cuddliest Teddy Bear we all hold so dear!

My Farmer has Heart!!! Love you My Farmer-From Me!


  1. I live in the city but wish I lived on a farm in the country. Thanks for sharing all of this painful beauty concerning this amazing bear with so much heart. I understand another perspective of this loss through your words.



  2. This is just raw beauty. Thank you for sharing. I believer your Ed was there by divine appointment. He was a help for Jon and Maria and your writing has blessed me.



  3. Thank you so very much for your sensitivity in this situation. What you did, and how Maria and Jon handled it, honoured the bear and its power, its life, and spirit. I too live in the country, with donkeys, a mule, two dogs, and a cat. And am surrounded by wildlife. This too is how I honour the privilege of sharing the land, and the space, with all living things.



  4. I am like you in mulling things over, & waking in the wee hours with it on my mind or dream about it. I think we have tender souls. You two are wonderful, caring, sensitive people, & I am thankful for your sharing your life with us readers. Mary Ann (in GA)



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