The RIGHT Thing…

Most have likely heard about the bear thru Jon and Maria’s Blogs by now. ‘Jim’ as I call the bear–J for Jon, M for Maria and I was just lucky along with blessed to be there–would not have survived!

He had two badly broken legs along with large bruising over much of one whole side of his body. It also appeared that  he had massive internal bleeding. I am not a Vet but can say, without hesitation, that Sir Jim would have suffered a slow death.

In his passing, Sir Jim did give members of my family the chance to experience things very few people will be privileged to do! How many people can ever say they shook paws with a bear and measure and feel his claws (which, by the way, were 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4 inches long), got a real bear hug or actually touched a bear’s teeth which were over 1″ long? Oh, almost forgot, we weighed Sir Jim on a cattle scale; he weighed 237lbs!!

After 2+hours we finally got him skinned so I can get the hide tanned! Can say pro outdoor fitter is not in my future; if we had been in Alaska I would have froze doing it or been lunch for other bears… Do think we did a decent job… Another positive outcome was that I did not have my glasses with me and everyone got through it with no stab wounds and up to now find no places on me that are bleeding!

Lastly, if you ever get to see a bear ‘naked’ I recommend you do. That structure of power is awesome while being a sight of beauty! It has put a whole new perspective on what I’ll see next time a Sir Jim passes thru a field or woods by me. Also,  his remains were buried on the farm where he can Rest In Peace!


  1. I am so glad that the bear was able to have his suffering ended. I am also Ed was there to put the body to good use and buried on your property. I hit 2 deer at separate times and they ran off. I’m sure they didn’t get to far and I just hope they didn’t suffer long.



  2. Bears are spirit animals. Grateful he had a blessing from those who love & respect such a majestic being at the end.



  3. Thank you for helping Sir Jim to leave this world with the dignity he deserved. Not many bear sightings here on the Monterey Peninsula, Ca anymore.



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