Metal Roof Music

Carol’s Flooded Garden –Blossoming beans–Blossoming Tomato –A nosy raccoon left his footprints at the scene in the mud after the water receded!!!


Listening to the pounding of the rain all during milking last night was a welcome sound, due to our area being so dry. Only dampened…no pun intended…by that ever present’electricity please don’t fail’!!

Like everyone, a power outage turns life into a train-wreck !Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, it can become a very serious event! Concerns are numerous and varied; the milking on modern dairies  needs to be done on time and the milk cooled and kept cold in a timely manner. So having a generator on site with a tractor or power unit to run it, whether it is 80 degrees and raining or 20 below with snow, is something that has to be available 24/7/365!

Just as in your home the water has to be kept from freezing in winter so those water sources in cold barns or even outside can’t be without their electric heaters for very long. For safety reasons you can’t just start burning candles, so lights during a nighttime power outage can also be a very important consideration.

Which basically means, as farms grow, their emergency power sources have grown to keep working until the power comes back on! For a farm like ours it can turn normal days into all-night-ers as if we were still in school cramming for finals…HaHa…

So listening to that sweet sound of rain pounding on the barn roofs, under my breath I continued to pray for power! All’s well that ends well… the rain came and went while the power never flickered!!! Carol’s garden didn’t fair so well, but when it dries out it should be ok.

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