Time Use

The 4th of July along with the country’s birthday, was my  father’s birthday, and years past when he was still with us, our parties were the biggest shindigs we’d have all year; beating out Thanksgiving only because of the pool. Aunts , uncles, cousins, grandparents, in-laws, even neighbors and I even think people just driving by would stop because of all the cars.

Even with the multitude of people and mountains of food, farming never stopped. Many times you’s hod down food jump in the pool, clothes and all and then run and unload a wagon of hay to head back to the field to get another load and start the process all over again.

Much like yesterday, more than good friends Jon and Maria coming over… you are family now; no more no’s… to enjoy clams, burgers and such along with good fun and ass-bustin’of each other, all normal chores get done. Cows get milked, calves fed, barns cleaned; just like it was done on the 3rd of July and will be done again on the 5th.

In the hours, minutes and seconds packed before and after those precious times with family and friends; as in life goes on, so does farming. Earlier in the day before everyone got here I put together a hitch for one of my tractor so as to pull my skidsteer out of the way! Just so happens last Thursday I mowed a hayfield up back, shall we say! Then Friday we had some heavy rain and on Saturday when going up to ted that hay out to dry, I had to sneak by trenches and gravel piles left by the storm. So Sunday I went up with the skidsteer to fix the road when the fuel pump on skiddie went bad! No parts on a Sunday afternoon and Monday, the holiday…So find a way to get it out of the way so Tuesday hay gets raked and baled first, then get skiddie new parts and running or at least that is the plan!!

Later in the day, after most everyone left the cookout, I helped my son do some work on his truck. His statement, not mine,”I know Dad’s got the right tools!” Makes ya feel good to get credit for something. By then chores along with milking were up on the agenda again!

Finally, I head to the shop for some wind down time and get all the parts ready for another turtle! Sure is true, Farming is more than making money; it;s more about making memories!!!

p.s. The wagons are full!!!


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