My Farmer and Me–Happy!

As you probably know through reading Ed’s post of yesterday, our skidsteer needed a new fuel pump. I made a parts run and got one yesterday, but because we had quite a bit of hay ready to rake and bale, skiddie was put on hold until today…

FYI: The area in which you have to get hands and tools in when working on these machines is a very tight fit, so he used my hands a bit as they are smaller than his. Just not the best of situations to be in without skiddie, as he feeds cows and heifers and also cleans the barns. So for the past few days because of the holiday, these jobs were done more man-ually!!!  So was so happy to hear the familiar hum of the motor when Ed pushed the button after the fuel pump transplant!!!

I am a happy farm wife now that this feat was successful and my farmer is happy!

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