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I’d best start out by stating what I’m not and that is a professional mechanic; maybe semi-pro. Definitely not an engineer and never have I invented a piece of machinery. What I am an expert on is hand size and I’m a large, not a small or extra large, but a large to be exact; a large, double wide and believe me there are tons of hand sizes like tiny, itty-bitty or humungo!

Now yesterday while replacing the fuel pump on the skidsteer, a teenie weenie hand was needed! What is that size you ask? Well, my daughter was born premature at under 3 lbs and I could fit her in the palm of my large, double wide hand when she came home at about 4 weeks old, at which time she had size teenie weenie hands!! those hands would have worked perfect to replace said fuel pump in the place some inventor engineer had placed it!

Being only semi-pro in the mechanic profession, now I part of the reason why hourly rates continue to climb while milk prices fall off the cliff constantly. What the…Dear inventor engineer, if you had placed that pump on the inside of the framework just above the now moved fuel tank, moving top door holder to other side…of which their is only one…where there is nothing…then placing both inline and spin-on filters closer together near fuel tank which you already moved…for what reason I’m not sure, only to replace filters half a mile apart so someone with large , doublewide hands, trying to find and change the fuel pump and put on new filter, cuts the hell out of their knuckles, swears alot, makes several trips to the shop for tools to replace tools that got dropped and are floating around in the framework of one skidsteer!

My solution being…for the yearly wage of one engineer and maybe one of those trucks a professional mechanic drives, I will provide my expertise in hand size so that before newly engineered equiipment goes out to the public, I will drive up in my new truck and with an inspection, hand size stickers can be places throughout said machine in a similar fashion of where you can and can’t climb on a step ladder!

Oh yes, the skiddie is running again. My hands stopped bleeding , all the tools are put away and the experience of changing a fuel pump on the skidsteer was a half day learning project; Priceless and a great JOB opportunity!!!


  1. As one who has spent a lifetime making my own repairs as well, I am convinced there must be a one year course in engineering school of common sense removal.



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