1361224Scarred!4_288333098186619_6145504254941745281_nVia text this morning, Carol and I were ribbing Jon on his case of Scabies, having good laughs at each other’s expense. Like most daily events this kept rewinding thru my twisted mind and triggered thoughts of that relative, I think we have all had at one time during our life!!! That distant cousin or possibly an aunt or uncle; most often older , who has had every ailment known to man!

Most often you were younger and heard horror stories during the holidays or family gatherings about gout, hemorrhoids, arthritis, rheumatism, irritable bowel syndrome, ingrown toenails, yellow jaundice or even worst, you thought it was normal to pass stones or they go in and surgically remove them!!!

The topper was when your mother didn’t even cover your eyes or run you out of the room when the scar of some surgery gets shown and you get to see parts unknown that scar you for life!

Luckily, our family super patient turned doctor… seemed they could diagnose everyone…lived far enough away that we very seldom saw the lady, BUT one day I heard what nobody should and even saw things no one should see!! Thankfully, my parents lived cheap and the room had only one lamp!! Shadows-Shadows-Shadows! WHEW!

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