My Farmer and Me: Rudy and friend.

Rudy1361_288340858185843_7409486481087242204_Well, Rudy has finally turned the 1 week plus corner. I have been holding my breath, praying he would be ok, and he has already sprouted  some of his new feathers! He loves attention; talking to and holding and especially likes Ed’s beard. I moved him to his new and bigger digs yesterday and he just loves the lion I put in there for company. He likes to walk up under his legs and sleep. Been trying to get a photo of it but he doesn’t cooperate. When he hears or sees me he comes trotting out! He also only needs the brooding lamp at night just to be on the safe side!

So glad to have the opportunity to save this little one, who seems to grow by the minute!! Just not sure if Rudy is male or female?!


  1. Hi Carol & Ed, Thank You for your blog & videos. How is Miss Sadie ???? Looking forward to fresh corn……I like mine raw, picked in the warm sun……and Tomato sandwiches too ! YUM !!! Thank You for farming, I think if more people farmed or a least got to know a farmer the world would be a more peaceful,respectful place.



  2. I am pulling for Rudy to make it! Sounds like he has fit right in with his new big protector. Maybe because it has a beard, kind of like Ed’s?



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