My Farmer and Me-Sadie and Beanie

One of our readers, Patti, asked how Sadie was doing today.  I realized perhaps the poor goat wasn’t getting enough ‘air’ time, so took this photo of her and Ms Beanie.

Sadie seems to have chronic hoof abscesses and Ed has to trim and treat her hooves more often than usual for a goat. She knows how to play on our sympathy, limping around and rubbing up against us in the milking parlor and sticking closer to the house and barns than she usually does. Ever so often she forgets to limp and when she does, she stops like she is trying to figure out what she should be doing!!

Beanie is our lone sheep, and as Sadie, she pretty much does and goes where she wants, although both have been restricted from coming into the side yard and driveway as we discovered they like to munch on the flowers, tomatoes and lettuce planted there. Last year they were kind of oblivious to the garden , but not this year.

They both like to hang out in the open pen at the end of the calf barn and can come and go as they please. Sadie has the upper hand when it comes to eating because of her horns; I have seen Beanie give her a headbutt or two just to show Sadie that she can. So they do get along well, despite their differences (dispositions)!


  1. Thank You for the Sadie update…. I hope her feet feel better ! LOVE the calves sharing an ice cream sandwich with Ed and Shivers loving his ” Farmer Dad” Your blog posts make my day and always warm my heart . Thank You for ALL you both do .



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