Out with the old and in with the new…old milkersnew milkers

At Last!!! Over the weekend with the help on Saturday from Marty, who through work and one of his friends, got the few new parts along with the tool we would need to cut back the stainless steel milk likes in our milking parlor. By dropping back to three milkers on each side from the original six, we should be able to save on everything from water use to routine maintenance.

By mid-afternoon on Saturday, when Marty had to leave to milk cows for someone that night, we had accomplished our goal. All lines had been cut back with new ends, then reconnected without a single air leak! Good job, Marty….We were able to put in new manual type milkers which Bejosh purchased over 6 months ago, while leaving most all of the auto milkers in place, by cutting their power source.

Milking that night and Sunday morning came and went; the new machines worked fine just cramped for space with old ones still in place. After Sunday morning milking and chores were done, I double checked the pipes we had cut, for slope and possible leaks, of which none were found.

With a quick trip to the shop for tools the destruction began…knowing the auto-milkers I was taking down have been sold and will bring back more than this project has cost us and rushing was not part of the program!!! After several hours everything is taken down and nothin’ got broke. Unreal!!!

Started cleaning things up so they can be bubble wrapped and shipped off to their new home where my hope is they will work as well as they did here! ‘Cause you can’t beat the advertisement value of a repeat customer!!

p.s. July is National Ice Cream month! What is your favorite? Coffee is mine! Let’s all celebrate with a double scoop (or maybe more).

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