Congrats x’s 3

Picking up milkFirst off, I would like to say congratulations to Betsy Foote, a great person and even greater Ag teacher. At the FFA event where I talked to her recently, my comment was about the great job she did with the kids and she just kept saying that she had a great bunch of kids! True, Betsy, BUT they still needed an exceptional leader and that YOU are! The time Jeremy and I came to your class to talk about farm safety and his accident, it was obvious how good you are at your job; then knowing your part in Kaylah’s success, I thank you and congratulations!!! Betsy was recognized by the New York Association of Ag Educators as the winner of the New York State Teacher of Teachers award for her work as a mentor teacher!!!

Next, on kind of a good downer note, it looks like milk prices may begin to move up in the months to come. Good in at least it’s not going down! While a downer in that now any chance of anything being done to fix this roller coaster price ride has probably been flushed down the toilet.

From the farmer’s point of view, the dairy farmer, the processor, the gov’t and all other parties involved in getting milk and all products made from milk , from cow to consumer, should look in the mirror and ask is this status quo as many of the experts call today’s sustainable agriculture?

Last thing is also a congrats to Stewart’s Shops who are celebrating 70 years. As anyone who follows our Blog knows, we ship our milk to Stewart’s. Even though I bitch about milk prices, anyone that knows us here at Bejosh, our goal is to produce nothing but the best!!

Like the truck drivers that pick up our milk, George, Rick,Ron and their boss-mentor Mr. John Greenwood, who best get his butt down here for a bullshit session! Hope no one in corporate heard that>>>

Oh, hell, I guess the truth is, from the top down they are all good people!! Congratulations, Stewart’s…

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