Farmer’s Wife

If you have been married over 40 years and paid attention even remotely, you notice when your better half is feeling low; but unlike someone who comes home from work everyday and can stop by a store for flowers or chocolates and a card, I do what I can…

To Carol:

I try to give you something every day! It started way back in our first days together, that nail found in my pant’s pocket was for you, those screws, that bent piece of wire, the staples, lug nuts and socket, all yours!!!!

Sometimes it was dirt, maybe seed corn, oats or a handful of newly mowed alfalfa hay, just for you! That tire patch, part of a cow’s tail and even that cow’s tooth; no one else, all  your’s!

Those wrinkled up, flattened out daisies, yours. That funny little piece of cow dung and petrified poo. The deer hair and wrinkled up duct tape. The blood soaked rag, ghe grease rag, even the hole-y one made with battery acid; special and just for you.

The cobwebs, paint chips and even that whatch-macallit for the thing-a-mabob were all put in my pockets just so you’d find them!

Next time check down real deep; never can tell when some hugs and kisses might get put in there, JUST FOR YOU!!! A tribute to my GREAT farm wife and farm wives every where.



  1. I’m pretty sure Carol accepts all these “gifts” maybe not with gratitude, but most likely without complaint. She sounds like a sweetheart, as do you, Ed!



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