Troubled…Part II Un-troubled

Everyone has gone through times as Forrest Gump said ‘It happens’ and right now seems to be our turn here at Bejosh. First it just seemed to be a couple little things; the rider lawn mower, which is a hydrostat transmission, stopped when I was using it (only the second time). Then when Carol was using the push mower the blade came off. Good part, no one was hurt, but with inspection it is one of those things that with age and condition, should and can it be repaired ( rusty and old; blade simply fell off).

So as the head starts processing which choice, repair or replace, the JD 4020 tractor springs a leak up under the dash/steering column area. Find a small steel hydro line whicch looks to be the problem but wasn’t, so still removing tin work and haven’t found the source yet.

Now this puts me down to 2 tractors! One larger tractor has been laid up now since last fall with a problem which , as yet, hasn’t been, should I say, properly diagnosed. Everyting done so far to it has made it a newer tractor with the same old problem!

Now most everyone would think that two tractors with two people, what more could you want! In a perfect world maybe, except today’s machines with different PTO shafts, hydraulics, etc…Think of it as every time you were going to drive your car on a different surface, like going from dirt to blacktop then grass or concrete, you change tires. Every machine whether a mower or baler hooks on the tractor in different ways; making it both easier or possibly faster if (if rain is coming) to go from job to job when making hay.

When eventually I got to baling hay a few minutes later (after the latest problem was found) the first load went ok just a small hiccup when baler twine got caught on the billhook… breaking two bales! Then after twenty bales on the second wagon, somehow a rod behind the knotters on the the baler got bent…how this freak thing happened as of now, I do not know. Having worked on balers before both to fix and salvage for parts, taking the part out was a fairly simple task. With part in hand Carol will head out early due to rain forecast for later tomorrow …Thursday ! Let’s hope this downer hitches a ride on the car bumper and falls off along the way; also hoping the part is in stock, goes in easily and works!! If not, there are two old push mowers in the shop (motorless) just to keep me occupied, and our friend Dave has a big square baler…he custom bales for me sometimes in a pinch…oops that trailer we carry the big bales on still has two flat tires. Ahhh ‘shit happens’ sometimes way too often.

Part II The start of un-troubling… By the end of day two… As mentioned

Carol retrieved parts for the baler… unlike the old MacDonald’s commercial, we got no change back, instead they wanted a bit more…and while she was gone I found the leaking fitting on the tractor so as soon as she got back with the baler parts, off she went to get a new hydro line for the tractor.

Armed with instructions on what to do in the reconstruction of the baler from John and my Nick-canic, slowly I proceeded. With a few choice words about why a Nick-canic I will never be, then a few choicer words when these large, double wide hands were either wedged into or pried out of places! Upon completion, John asked me to call so he could question what I had done and make sure it sounded ok, as to adjustments that had to be made after the new parts were in place; said it sounded good for a test run with warning to hurry, it was starting to rain at their location and was headed our way.

Within minutes hay was entering the baler to come out the other end intact, as was several more bales; followed by a downpour! But the baler worked!!! By the time everything was picked up and the baler put in the shed, I was soaked, so over to the tractor with the new hydro line and within  minutes, installed. With a check to make sure no leaks, the tin work and dash were put back together and one more check for leaks or lose connections!! With two success stories and hard rain falling so you couldn’t mow lawn anyway, I can say the part of a good Nick-canic I played, at least for a short while!!Hay!

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