My Farmer and Me–Rudy

Rudy has surprised me, and I am so grateful for it, by surviving his rough birth and being a strong baby. He has brought me alot of joy simply by being here. He is my little Bejosh summer miracle!

I am still not certain what gender ‘it’ is, but find myself leaning toward male as I refer to it as ‘he’. Only time will tell, I guess.

When I put him into the larger pen, I added the lion,Simba, for company. He was going under his legs and hugging up to the body for a few days, and now has taken to sitting on top of him in his mane and just ‘singing’ for all he is worth. I have tried numerous times to get a photo and today was fortunate enough to get a couple of nice ones. Usually he jumps down before I can get one, but fully cooperated this time. Perhaps will do a video of his antics, also.


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