Mongo and Tor-Kid Fun!

Just up the road from the farm on a rather sharp corner, there is now a well groomed lawn with a large landscape boulder and a few bunches of smaller White Birch trees. If you turn back the clock to when I was 8, that well kept lawn was a frog pond in a cow pasture!

On days of heavy rain storms during the summer, it became a water park for some ya-hoos in the area… I know it will surprise most people but yes, one of those shitheads was me! Most storms lasted long enough that we got cleaned up walking home. Only real evidence for our folks to find were fish and polliwogs in our shoes or maybe a frog or small turtle in a pocket, but what kid doesn’t catch those things?

On one hot, humid August day, a friend and I were riding our homemade go-buggy…a one kid power machine…our pull-push machine was pulled up the hill around the sharp corner, then the other kid pushed you as fast as he could and you tried to maneuver around the corner without crashing which never happened….all done not wearing helmets or pads and we are still alive…

After many crashes, the rain came pouring down. Being right there thru the fence and into the frog pond we went, chasing frogs, throwing mud. Sometimes we even found bigger turtles to tease. Some of them were most likely snappers and at last count, still have 10 fingers and 10 toes, 1 nose; well you probably understand I was a lucky, happy kidd!

Then just as suddenly as it had started to rain, it stopped! Half hour later when we stepped back into the road and looked at each other: Oh No>>> How we gonna get clean. I came up with a plan! His mother was home, mine wasn’t, she taught summer school, so let’s run to my house, jump in the tub and get cleaned up; wet won’t matter as long as we get rid of all this mud mixture… Remember, this frog pond is in a cow pasture…as we inched our way to the back door and creep-ed our way to the bathroom we had no clue the trail left behind, the hand prints every where, as we peeked into every room,, instead of heading straight to the bathroom!!!!

The walls by the tub, the tub itself. we never even took our shoes off! Then we marched right back outdoors!  Now outside, as we did our special hand shake, our promise to never tell anyone, we were sure our parents would never know!  I got marched back through the house shortly after my Mother got home! I swear, none of those hand or foot prints, no no those puddles of water none of this was there when we left the house. We came in for some ice cream, we were hot from playing outdoors. It didn’t rain and we didn’t play in the mud… Whoops! did I say that???

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