My Farmer and Me–Grandma’s Blessing

I love my Grandchildren beyond words as do most Grandmas… I don’t have the opportunity to see them all on a regular basis  even though they all live in the area. I guess you could say that life gets in the way, on every one’s part.  I miss the little conversations, hugs, kisses and just their company in general, so appreciate it when I am blessed to have them come.

I was at the local grain store one day last summer when I noticed this beautiful rose bush all by itself, but full of tiny blossoms. The girl said it wasn’t doing quite as well as some of the others and thought she would just keep it there. I asked how much it would cost if I took it and she said half-price. Was kind of spindly looking, but I really wanted to try to nurse it back to health.

When I got it home, I was looking it over for some sort of pests but found nothing. Alot of the leaves were gone but as I said, it was full of tiny blossoms. As I got ready to plant it in my garden, a small piece of paper, actually card board, fell to the ground and upon investigation, I discovered that my rose bush was named Grandma’s Blessing.

Now maybe I can’t be as nurturing and loving as often as I would like to be with my grand kids; but I can  do my best to keep the ‘blessings’ coming. The bush has more than doubled in size this year and is full of blossoms once again… I feel truly BLESSED!!!


  1. Serendipity.
    Many of my most important lessons and memories happened in the presence of my grandfather. Wished I’d had a grandmother as well. The generations all get cheated with this “so busy” thing



  2. Loving attention from Grandmothers trumps all!
    God Bless you. I’m hoping to meet you at the fall Bedlam Farm Open House.



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