While you were gone…

Carol played taxi to help out our son Jess last night, so when I got milking and night chores done I found my way to the shop to work on some projects for our county fair display, now only a month away… Sitting down in my old chair at the welding table when what should appear but all the ready to assemble parts for another turtle…Oh no, another senior moment; been so busy forgot I hadn’t welded him up…So as long as I was going to be welding on another project, I decided I better finish him up.

First, I didn’t think it would take two hours to accomplish, seeing I have done this before. So much for thinking. Well anyway, it started with his eyes after they were all welded into place and I looked at him eye to eye; it just didn’t feel right even though they seemed ok.

Onward to his front legs. I try to have one leg of the four actually off the ground when the turtles are complete and this one was going to have a front leg up! To be honest, clamping the legs on to weld is guessing it matches the picture/blueprint in my head! After attaching the front legs I stood the two legged turtle with the screwy eye..in my eye… on the table holding up the back to line up the back legs and clamp them down to weld.. Seemed every time I would get them clamped where it looked ok, when I pulled my hands away either they fell off or it didn’t look right, so I’d start over.

Yes, finally weld those suckers, which I did…

Now we were down to the tail and final inspection. With a grinder, I cut to the right length and shined it up, the tail went on nice. Now off with the welding helmet, put up clamps and such…it’s time for final inspection…

As I sat my newest turtle in the middle of the welding table and sat back in my chair, my first reaction was a sort of disappointment  for the effort I felt was put into Mr T.

That is when it started, that eye, those legs (horse shoes), best one yet as on how far in the air it is off the ground. The way they welded onto the body (shovel) it all came together; not just as a turtle, even better. Mr T is an OLD turtle!!! Those boney joints caused by the look of the weld! His droopy eye from a fight, wild sex or running into a stick in the muddy water!!!With that one leg higher, it gives the illusion of possible arthritis or a broken leg at one time causing him to limp!

How cool that feeling of disappointment turned to pure joy. Somewhere in this twisted head there was a plan; it just took time to put it together!! I THINK…either way, that sucker’s got character!!!

One Comment

  1. I see it Ed! I love that you let it be for a while then looked at it and saw what was really there. Sometimes they tell us instead of us telling them.



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