Expanding Horizon…

13567025_2Learning to fly85669005119695_4676127249698832859_nSo, as to activate my aging mind now that I try to write interesting subject matter…I said try…listening to different formatted radio stations has become my norm, since giving up TV a few months ago.

This post was spearheaded by listening to a sport talk radio. What better way to become informed than by a sports fan-atic!! Just so every one knows up front, listening to baseball on radio is enough for me! Football reminds me of gladiators in Roman times and my basketball was Bill Russell dueling with Wilt! But I do read the sports page so I can talk the good talk…

To the point, they were talking concussions in football and how some players are retiring younger due to long term effects. Commentator was talking about how many concussions may be too many? Now I’m not here to diminish the severity of a concussion, though I do pride myself for being jack of all trades and master of none, but doctor I ain’t…Sleep at a Holiday Inn Express and play vet, done many times, some good, some not so good! Had a concussion or two and getting them was the best part!

Like the time fixing fence when Junie (my father) was going to cut what was left standing of a mostly dead poplar tree. It was by brother, Father and I…with my arms out straight they both could walk under them with cowboy hats on. ok a ball cap! Dear old Dad with the chainsaw starts cutting the tree..the saw pinches…shorter brother pushes on tree,,,I get behind him, reach up and push on tree…safety first, yeah, right.Either saw kicks and cuts my brother’s legs off or part of the dead tree falls on my head! You guess the rest!

How about stopping to pick up a halter lead that dropped and the cow pops her head up much bigger and harder! Each and every time, whether it was fixing a water bowl in the old barn and, in their normal routine, swinging their head at a fly…POW! Batman stars…

Better yet, both farmers and mechanics pull this one…I was working under the chopper with very little room and the bolt won’t loosen, so add a piece of pipe over the wrench…most often and old adjustable…something slips, you jerk your head sideways getting a ringing ear to go with the week long headache. You swear next time you will use the torches and cut whatever off and get new…heard that before in my one good ear.

How many times in good conditions you may stumble getting onto equipment; battered shins to go with broken nose! Then add the ice and snow of winter,ugh.


If you are old enough, those tree branches, when you are stacking hay on a flatbed wagon; turn around to meet a four inch oak branch! Kinda like getting knocked up side your head with a baseball bat! Done that too, in the rescue of a fair maiden, but another story for an other time…

May the best was standing by a homemade pipe gate watching the cows walking thru and picked up a stick to pry the latch on the gate; it had gotten stuck open. Shoved the stick in the pipe latch end and got it freed up, but stick was stuck. Picture my face as a foot from the stick and I am pulling it with both hands, with my knees pushing the gate the other way…when it let loose…smack…right between the eyes! Ended up with two black eyes and what looked like a huge zit between them!

Let’s not forget Silver, my gray saddle horse, that was supposed to be an old saddle bronc that gave up bucking but…not kicking, ’cause he kicked me in the head due to the fact that I came down behind the saddle! Woulda’ won that soda pop race if not for that!!Never did hear the announcer come up with any time for me…

So I guess stations on my listening to more list, and keeping count on these concussions just might help me figure out this retirement thing yet…



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  1. Sounds like the old saying that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger was written about you, Ed. Enjoyed your writing today!



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