Cutting Corn the Old Way…

We have started cutting a bit of our corn by hand, due in part to the fact that we no longer have any silage left from last year and also because we need to cut a road through the field for the tractor and chopper to maneuver through when we do begin chopping; another six weeks, perhaps.

The animals do enjoy having the corn added to their diet once again, however.  They get green grass, grain and hay for the time being but like the corn ‘candy’ (a treat) also. Wish we hadn’t run out, but so be it. Hopefully Mother Nature will be more gracious this season…


  1. Loved the corn-cutting lesson. I’m sure my parents grew corn when I was younger than 8 (that was when we moved to the city), but I never knew how the corn was cut. Now I do, thanks.



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