138Corn at a distance.87036_300423660310896_401342723191778653_nCorn at a distance…

Every spring corn gets put in the ground expecting it will grow ’til fall, when it can be harvested to have feed for the cows thru the winter.We know an untimely frost, maybe a summer hail or wind storm, any extreme weather possibly, even pests could damage or completely wipe out the entire crop!

However, the corn was planted with the expectation of a good crop and good harvest. If something did crop up ( pardon the pun) the situation got addressed as Sue, our neighbor, said, “you can put your big boy pants on!”

Now let;s day you are interviewing for a job with half a dozen others; In your mind, qualified check, experience, check, so on down the line but someone else gets the job! Not your expectation; at the same time wasn’t it expected that it could happen…

Ok, now for the tough expectations and whichever candidate you chose is your choice. I am not here to tell you who to vote for. With that being said, if while talking to someone and they are voting for someone else, DUH, could that not have been expected! Like simple math 2 candidates 50 – 50 chance!Does this constitute for a slugfrest>? Or could it be said their expectations differ???

Didn’t most grow up with the expectation of the house with the white picket fence, possibly 2 kids with a dog or cat. For some maybe a garage with two cars or truck; for others it was a pool; wasn’t expected the kids would be allergic to animals or losing a job then the house.

Was your first child coming into the world with the expectation that they could grow up to be president, not expecting they would be the town’s first serial killer?

I wrote this post with the expectation of getting lots of positive feedback, while knowing that Real life has it ‘shit happens’ side so getting bitched at is to be expected…

The best destination is NOT a place, but a new way of looking at things!!!


  1. Funny how things go, I was just thinking and writing about the same thing, corn not included. You win. 🙂



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