Good times…Good People…Good conversation…

1388Kaylah, Bud and Gwen6516_300423630310899_8955050506036831192_nThe Graduate with Uncle Bud and Aunt Gwen…

Went to our granddaughter Kaylah’s graduation party yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to see my brother Bud and his wife Gwen had made it; the first time we have seen them since last Thanksgiving. At that time we discussed diabetes, since it seems to run on my Father’s side of the family and I have already been put on the ‘got it’ list. From what he told me at that time (last November) it was evident that him getting tested was just a formality. His is on the more severe side than mine, but his progress to get things under control is going well. Thank God, we’re the last two in our original family of five! Our sister and parents all reside in Rosewood Cemetery these days!

Any way, we sat and talked for the better part of two hours, while enjoying a nice lunch (they had tons of food), discussing milk prices, how our crops are doing, crazy weather, broken machinery and fixing it, how long we’ll try to continue being small farms in a big farm world. Also, how at our age, having cows makes us tick, my folk art and similar things he’s made, how important water is and how until it becomes short for more than a few people no one realizes just HOW important it is. Even got into some political talk which seemed to bring in people sitting near us.

What the plant manager, shop worker, retired teacher truck driver and others said during our conversation was very civil and in no way was meant to tell anyone who they should vote for! Since I listened to NOT one minute of the conventions it was interesting to me to hear the many recurring themes.

Listening to the conversation, it was less about who is qualified and more about how stagnant government has become. Trump is the match and congress is the gas can. The know who he is and what he’s done and that is not the appeal or the turn off. My take was paycheck to paycheck living has run it’s course.

Any how, it seemed ironic at a graduation celebration for someone starting out in life’s journey, we got talking on a hot button topic like Trump.

Then, after my brother left and I sat back to just take in the sights, sounds and smells of the party before we headed home to milk, I began to reminisce about my own graduation, with Vietnam and Lyndon Johnson; then in a few years it was Nixon with Watergate! Is Trump, not being a longtime politician, any more a shock jock in a long list? In the last 50 plus or minus years, is it not like Yogi said ‘De-ja-vu all over again?’ How many years has it been that Saturday Night Live and Late night TV would be BORING without politicians….

After getting my head spinning over this presidential race, knowing it has got another 100 days to go, I hope whoever your candidate may be, they win and do a great job…

About another 100 days, UGH! Yogi says ‘getting late early’ Thank God.

Youth looks ahead, old age looks back and middle age looks tired!


  1. Wanted you both to know that while i rarely leave a comment, I faithfully read both of your posts. I enjoy the peek you give us of your world. Real insight from real people. You write from your hearts, not to impress or pander to the reader. I would guess you have many readers like me that enjoy your thoughts but don’t frequently write a reply. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us. Oh, and the videos of the animals are special. I can see how much you both love the animals in your care.

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    1. Helene, you said that very well and it echoes my thoughts, too.
      Ed and Carol, I love hearing about your daily life and seeing the interesting videos that you post.



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