Happenings on the farm…A day in the life…

1372Rose4001_295475920805670_5023843502102897718_oFriday, Kim and Jeff, escorted by Kendall, stopped by for a short visit…

Kim, my sister’s only daughter and Jeff her husband, have lived in Kansas for many years now, and sometimes it is years in between visits! I was a great visit, they  both looked really good. Sounds like they will be empty nesters soon and looks like all three of their kids are headed down that path to success as did Kim and Jeff. They will make it… Was nice to catch up, if only over a quick lunch!! Oh, Kendall; he is Kim’s brother, In time I’ll write a post,well, maybe a book, on him…stay tuned!

Saturday was graduation party for Kaylah and long term weather was looking good to make hay so I went out Friday night and mowed one field of oats that had a real weed problem in some areas. Not wanting straw (a bedding material gotten from mature oats) full of weeds, I mowed the oats before they matured so I will bale them like hay and use with or substitute feed for heifers and steers this winter.

Also got to clean out and draw five loads of manure (spread it on a field I hope to put winter wheat on this fall) from the area I am keeping fair animals in so they; are easier to catch, to be taught to lead properly, get their hair cut, toenails shaped, checked for warts, have the Vet give them rabies and shipping fever shots and also do a BVD test for all but 2 of them and then let them be spoiled and pampered way more than I am, until the trip to the fair August 22.

After a day like this, let’s say I am ready for fat pork, sundown and a God-darned good place to lay down. Just as my  Daddy always said!

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