My Farmer and Me…A new baby…

Doc has a cute heifer calf on Friday and the older calves in the adjacent pasture are checking her out…

Being overdue by almost 2 weeks,which convinced us she would have a bull, Doc delivered a heifer last Friday. She had it all on her own, after she went outside for some sunshine and fresh air. We had company in the afternoon for a little while and when we went back out, there she was, already up and following Mom back to the barn. The other calves who are being transitioned from barn to outside pasture are very curious about all the commotion!

I have been feeding her (named her Taz) from a nipple bottle and she is a wild one. Very stubborn and likes to flit from one side to the other; seems very strong. Tried to get her started on pail tonite and got a bath in milk replacer when she decided to buck into the side of the pail and then the bottom and lifted it up. SPLASH! All down my legs and in my sneakers! Ugh!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day….

Doc, Taz and curious older heifers!


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