Pollinating corn…Mother Nature!

Another one of Mother Nature’s amazing abilities.

Our field corn as well as a small amount of sweet corn that we planted this year has ‘tasseled out’ and is ready to drop it’s pollen onto the silk, where the corn cob will fill out with kernels. We have had some much needed rain the past 2 days and this will also help the corn to grow.

Carol has picked several squash, cucumbers and quite a few tomatoes from our flooded garden. She had planted carrots, beets and lettuce which was more or less lost due to all the water. Perhaps she will find some among the weeds, which grew like crazy after the waters receded, but unfortunately the mud left behind prevented her from tilling and/or pulling the weeds for about 2 weeks; she said it felt like something was holding her feet in place, as the mud and muck was 2-3 inches deep and was like glue. Oh, well, gave it a good try! Perhaps the pumpkins will make up for everything else….


  1. Thanks, i so enjoy learning about the corn, the cows and your milk industry. I know very little about any of this and love all the great information. You guys rock !!!



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