Quit?…Not Me!

hopeYes, indeed…

Looks like Mother Nature is going to work her magic again , before Dairy  Farmers can get together and fix it themselves. What I mean by this is drought conditions thru out many states across the northern half of the country and many other parts of the world, are causing the so-called experts to predict milk prices rising in the last quarter!

Once again those who told me those out of the box ideas I have thrown at my milk company, along with letters written to different papers and my state representatives, of which has never made it to print or generated a response! But quite?…Not me!

Itching for what isn’t enough, you have to scratch for it! One of the best lines I ever heard was…’You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” This sums it all up; small dairy farms are doomed unless things change.

In discussions with other farmers, it is clear opinions to subsidize the farm are just roads to nowhere! Examples being, if your crops are good so you may have some to sell, chances are the weather was good so everyone has got extra. Maybe try a small beef herd. Ahh, Shucks; beef prices are going back down! In fact cattle prices as a whole are down.

Are there exceptions? Yes, a small percentage have some sort of niche market, but problem is, how many $200,000 sports cars really sell?

Where would we be today if Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and that crew quit? I feel we can judge their success on what others have become because of them! As tomorrow’s farmers’success will be dependent on what farmers do today, I’d much rather be disappointed than doomed!!

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