My Farmer and Me–August means Fair Time!

This year’s Fair Candidates: June Bug, MiniWheze, Nicohl, Hickup and Kandy.

Just doesn’t seem possible that the Fair is coming up in 2 1/2 wks! Where does the summer go?  It also means that school for the young one’s is on the horizon. Nights will begin to get a bit chilly; something we all noticed when we would stay on the fairgrounds for the week!

Well, today our Vet, Jack, came to do the required shots and give them a once over for warts, the dreaded ringworm and any other apparent problems, and they all passed with flying colors… We have had our share of these problems in the past, but so far so good..

Will be digging out some photos of our early years at the Fair to pass along; I believe this is our 38th year and I am sure that Ed will be posting some of the yesteryear antics that went on some times.

Two of this year’s choices do not lead on a halter very well yet, so they have to be worked with on that point. The three older cows are fine with that part, so that makes it a bit easier. We have 3 signed up for the cow classes, 2 milk cows and 1 dry cow; problem is the dry cow – June Bug, is getting bagged up to have her baby already, so she may not go. Supposed to be due late this month,29th I believe, but Jack said he touched 2 feet and a nose when he examined her, thinking she probably has a week to 10 days to go.

Mini Wheze and Nichohl will be in the older cow classes and the other two, Kandy and Hickup will be in heifer classes.The past few years, our daughter, Maggie, and her children have done the showing and staying up there for the week, as they plan to again this year. A couple of cousins have helped and one has leased Kandy to show in 4-H this year. I guess it gives Ed and I something to once again look forward to. We can use it as can most farmers, although if there is hay to get, the Fair comes 2nd; and still have all regular chores to do here before leaving to go up for the afternoon, and then have to return for chores and milking.

Like to go up when the kids show, but don’t always make it.Well, we will see….they are getting excited to go again, so I guess it is officially fair season!

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