My Farmer and Me-Critters in the Corn..

Ed observed a broken stalk of corn this morning and went to check it out. Sooo…. this video turned into an informational one due in part to the fact that the corn we are showing is in the next stage of maturity — the blister.


  1. Ed & Carol, I enjoy all your videos and the stories. My Uncles all had dairy farms or delivered milk over in Fulton County, so your stories bring back many special memories……… Thank You for taking time out of your hard work to post on your blog, I look forward to each post. Hope you both have a great day !



  2. Nancy Kolodny posted exactly what I was going to say. No lie. I really enjoy your videos. Keep them coming. 🙂
    Ed, I have learned more about corn from you and your videos than I did growing up on a farm in MN. Dad and my brothers did all of the farm work and cow milking. Us girls did the housework and cooking. I guess dad was old fashioned that way. Girls belonged in the house. We did, however, help with cleaning the gutters and mangers in the barn before the cows came in for the evening milking and also with unloading hay racks by setting the bales onto a conveyor belt type thing that took them up into the hay loft. Usually we had cousins helping with this job,also, and we would have a water fight afterwards to cool off. Good times.



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