My Farmer and Me — Losing an animal friend.


Ms UGGIE and MAMA SAYS!  On to Better Things…

A friend of ours was put in the situation where he had to put one of his animal friends down today. He posted his feelings on his farm journal and it got me thinking about 2 of our long-term animal friends that we lost this past winter/spring.

While I can understand and respect the way he emotionally and mentally handles these events, for me it is a deeper wound; I also realize that we DO get very close to our animals on a daily basis AND that I am (my family tells me all the time) an overly sensitive woman.

I agree with my friend, that we move on  and do not always remember the anniversary of these deaths, but the very image of that friend sticks with me. I really do try not to dwell on the actual event, if you will, but I am stuck on certain things about them.

I guess I take some things way too seriously, perhaps too often, but losing Ms Uggie and loading Mama Says on the truck to eventually face the end of her life, left it’s mark on me. I know (and this sounds uncaring, probably) that in my mind they were ‘better off’ for these decisions. I had decided that I would be the one to be with Ms Uggie in the end and we talked to and watched Mama Says as she walked into the trailer to leave. I am glad I did both of these last ‘favors’ if you will, for these two friends.

For our friend, Jon, and for ourselves, we mourn in our own individual ways. He chooses not to lament over them (his words). I do not feel as much loss as I did when we had these two most recent losses. I tend now, to think of the antics of Ms Uggie with the grandkids and Mama Says at the Fair and mothering every calf she could get close to. I am smiling!!!

Jon, just saying…Deb was an animal friend that left her mark on your heart.  You are truly a friend of animals in my eyes…and in their’s!



  1. I remember Mama says from the fair. Like all Brown Swiss she was beautiful and oh those eyes. I know she gave you many memories but she did the same for many fair goers. Thank you for sharing her. I too remember the animals I have had to say good bye to with a smile. If we don’t care for them we shouldn’t have them. Thank you for your blog.



  2. To be sensitive is to be alive Carol. You are so alive and here on this earth and present with each of your animals and your children and grandchildren.



  3. So sorry for your losses this year. I too get very attached to my animals. And I agree with you that when we help end their suffering it is the last kindness that we can do for them and I guess that helps to let them go a little bit.



  4. I’m with you Carol……. proud to be a big softie ! Yes we sometimes love them differently but the daily care forms a bond that death can never break. And the special ones are a part of us forever, someone wise once told me “Grief is the price we pay for Love” so very true………. Thanks for sharing your special “friends” with us.



  5. I have been looking closely to your pictures for a while to see if I could find Ms. Uggs…. Guess I missed the post that she is gone…. We had a female cocker for 18 years and Lacey and Ms. Uggs could have been sisters….. So sorry for your loss…. Rebecca



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