Fair Part 2 -Adult Style nightlife…

13892best dressed calf311_304289456590983_6806467647813016738_nCalf is awaiting the Best Dressed Calf contest…1981 sorry, this is a photo of a photo, eventually move on to modern technology! (some 30+ yrs later)

A few years into our showing career, we became 4-H leaders of our local group. We had Veterinarians, hoof trimmers, farm-safety professionals come to speak to the club; we did projects like a paper mache’ cow…a story of it’s own we’ll visit later…we tried to make it a learning experience as well as a bit of fun for our members.

A few years later, Diane, who will remain nameless, Smith, got us to volunteer to become barn superintendents of the 4-h barn at the fair. The barn super job made for some paper work and headaches, squabbles over designated spaces, etc… Left Carol wondering if she was doing the right thing! For me it was a key to the real nightlife at the fair…they say nothin’ good happens after midnight… I say bull shit!!

Those parties just one barn down…from the 4-h barn at the machinery display end…on the left were, let’s say, different! On any given night you might see someone hanging upside down from the rafters, while they sobered up…excuse me…get their head on straight from being unruly, rude, obnoxious…aka a loud drunk!

Then one night when leaving the hoedown early because I was worn out, I was told by one oldtimer ‘never admit to needing rest cause you ain’t never gettin’ any, son’! Almost as soon as entering our camper… the old popup type a friend loaned us…it began rockin’ back and forth…get half dressed, jump out and find no one…within minutes of lying back down, it is back and forth and falling off the jack…still find no one… get everything put back together and spend the next half hour jumping in and out of the camper trying to catch whoever, with no luck! Being really late by now, laid back down only to have our camper dragged 50 feet or so and having not taken off even my shoes, I jumped out to see this red sweater going around the corner! “Mary” swore it wasn’t them, standing there in her red sweater and a big smile! Looking back it was fun, and thank God the kids could sleep through anything!!!

Good and strange things have happened in the nightlife. The display of a certain body part got someone to swear off drinking, which from what I hear, is still true today…a good thing one would surmise…while a strange encounter I was a part of was with Bill, a man known for driving heavy bodied cars of that era, like say, a Buick! The routine of the nightlife really slowed down between 2 and 3 a.m. because many people like Bill and myself had to rise around 4:30 at the fair to milk their cows there and then go home and milk, do chores and get back to the to the fair before the first show started at 9!

Well, this particular night, Bill slumped, oh I mean sat between hay bales; his question to me was slurred, oh I mean short, “what time you headed to the Crik?” I  replied about 5 with which came this ” get me up.” Then he passed out, I mean faded into sleep! So, when going by with my first cow to milk about 2 hours later he received my first of what would be 5 wake up calls! The last, as I was headed to the truck to head home at 5:20 to milk, I got the response I expected; from someone drooling  while spooning with a bale of hay; oh well!

Later on that day at the cattle show, we crossed paths,  he was tired, we all were. Back at the first barn on the left that night, you bet!!!

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