My Farmer and Me–Goodbye to Maddie

DSC00056Lost another friend this morning.

Maddie was almost 10 years old.  She wound her way into our hearts all those years ago by being super friendly and crippled. However, she would not allow anyone or anything to get in her way or intimidate her. Ed says she was a stubborn old chick!!!

Because she was handicapped, we kept her away from the other chickens, but boy, could she hatch eggs. A surrogate mother to many a chick, she would teach them how to eat and take them outside and bathe in the dirt. She could even roost for most of her life, that is until her joints got even stiffer and it was hard for her to get enough ‘lift’ so to speak.

I found Maddie this morning, laying in her box which she could climb in and out of on her own. For the most part she could still get around well; she was outdoors on Saturday getting some sun and taking a sand bath. Perhaps her old crippled body had enough. She had a good life and seemed very happy here with us.

Appeared that she just went to sleep and passed peacefully. I hope so old girl. Would want nothing more for you than to have 2 good working legs in your next life; who knows, perhaps you will come back to us in some other form.


  1. Carol, the love you show your animals is so deep and pure! Maddie had the best of life with you and your family. Take heart that she lived a long good life and passed so peacefully.



  2. How fortunate Maddie was to have lived her lifetime on your farm. A farm that accepted her in spite of her handicap and loved her for who she was. I know she will be missed.



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