Pressure’s On…

13912looking down on the farm.824_305785976441331_2787059959344499319_nPhoto taken looking down on the farm where we live now. Lived up there for first 25 years of married life and raised our 4 kids there. Moved to main farm in 2001.

Contrary to what most would think turning the calendar into August has little to do with a week’s vacation or maybe a couple 3 day weekends, but more to do with feed inventory, building repairs and a to-do list, about as long as my arm.

As it seems it’s become a paycheck to paycheck…in our case milk check to milk check … world and everyone’s stress level is climbing off the charts. It becomes a priority list in conjunction with how much extra cash may be squeezed loose.

With corn chopping about 4 weeks away, questions abound:Will the weather be right? The equipment not break down? Will I not break down> If it does rain what to-do jobs are first? Could get up an hour earlier or work an hour later. Hire someone and pay them with what? Maybe something to sell or trade…Almost forgot, still got things to finish for the fair, straw and more hay and winter’s wood… Wow, better slow down!

My intention is not for a feel sorry for me sigh, it is only to show how with the poor milk prices the snowball effect becomes the beginning of the end for many small family farms today; no different than the busted housing bubble.

With a crazy milk pricing system and politics in turmoil, will anything change? They have started talking about the Farm Bill..voted on in two years…and we all know what talk is…cheap!!! A few northeastern state’s Senate and House of Representative members have voiced their call that action needs to be done NOW! Good part is the;y are from both sides of the isle!

Is the tide changing? Have we lost enough of our family farms so it is now noticeable? In a global economy is Buy Local  taking over? What’s next, will the health honcho’s get on the dairy bandwagon? Let’s hope along with more jobs, a stable economy and what the hell, even politicians that are civil and do something! AMEN>>>

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