Calling Out!

silage wagon13906951_306249673061628_150022686829040097_n

Giving the silage wagon a going over before chopping some corn to feed right out to cows…

Yes, this is going to be a bitch-fest! First to the weather people who forecast, NO lets say guesses what is coming weather wise. Let’s start with your 5 day forecast! Have some sort of an idea what’s happening day three or plain and simple, give only a two day prediction…Also on those 2 day guesses when you say chance of afternoon thunder storms, me jumping out of bed to unload hay before 6 a.m. because it is already raining (no place to back another wagon under cover) and kept raining til’ about noon; those storms were due around noon time, then it was cloudy until evening when it was supposed to be clear! At no time today (yesterday) did I see or hear a thunderstorm and your partly cloudy or partly sunny!!! My goodness, people, which is it? You weather forecasters are like 30 hens in the coop and you only get 12 eggs…a lot of empty clucking going on…which lends itself to a lot of chicken and dumpie suppers coming up…and a new batch of pullets in the coop! Take a hike and I’ll use the European model; they predict hurricanes better than we do!!

Next, it is on to a company in Pennsylvania that deals with both new and used dairy equipment. I have Amish friends that we visit whenever we can and have been to this particular business many years ago;at the time it was located in a big garage…where it was started by some Amish gentlemen! You could call direct, talk to people who always knew what you needed and best of all,they sent it to you. No credit card or C.O.D.;just send a check if it is the right thing or just send it back…Heaven on Earth!!! What has happened? Now you go through a dealer, which is everyone but me! Interesting this third party doesn’t work on commission or get paid by them as far as I know! Very crazy setup! Also very slow and confusing. Go back and be yourself! I have many items to move, now that the parlor downsizing is done! I have talked to Idaho farmers that do business with you! You were the original Craig’s list before IT was. Dairy, no Agriculture, needs you… You were our app…

Now it is your turn, machinery companies, not dealers, but the big boys; Mr. John Deere, Case IH, New Holland and all the rest, big and small. With no names being mentioned, we have had three different machines, ironically all new with defaults/incidents with which dealers were informed to pass it along! Now maybe I am all wet but dealers sell, not make! In years past a rep made it to your farm regardless of  how many animals you had. Now it is email, website, Facebook or tweetin”. Well, tweet this! I am calling out all your asses for hats, not a calendar, never know the day anyway…Take me out to dinner not some dealers pancakes or burgers and dogs… I want prime rib with a side show, hat and a vest! If I’m putting new parts on used equipment even before it is paid for, that is the least you can do!

Oh Yeah, and let’s not forget about that roof. Mr. Greenwood!!!!! (made you laugh!)


  1. Seems the more “technology” equals less accuracy…..I think we are better off observing the animals for our forecasts ! I can’t imagine putting up hay in this heat & humidity, please be safe……might be time for more ice cream sandwiches for Ed & the boys !



  2. My reason for between ultra concerned about specific weather forecasts no longer involves farming — it’s just that my power wheelchair can’t get rained on should it be packed on the back of a pickup truck, or out and about on city streets.

    What helps me with the current weather more than the TV/radio type broadcasts are the live satellite feeds on smart phone apps like WeatherBug and LocalWeather. There are others, such as TWC. They don’t waste my time talking to me, and they update every few minutes. Priceless! … They also include written summaries for 5-7 days out (mixed reviews from me on these), hour-to-hour predictions (somewhat more reliable than the long term, but far from perfect).



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