downloadWe all know of the Bucket list or a wife’s honey do list, so here is Eddie’s what I’d like to see list~! Starting with …New York should be 2 states, the state of N.Y. City and the Upstate N.Y….two different worlds. Next,  any political campaign can only last three weeks…last day of which should be Halloween!

How much money spent on Christmas should not dictate how well the economy is doing…1 present per person, 10 person max. Groundhog day should become a more important holiday…if you make it that far, stick around ’til spring. County Fairs should only last 6 days…my head lets me work less on a Sunday, but not Monday. No road should be blacktopped unless it has at least two businesses with 10 employees on it…Farms don’t count.

Lawns should be no bigger than twice the size of the house…all other open space should be for crops…or animals. Sports figures should get paid less than policemen and women, firefighters…Ah hell, every one..well, except maybe politicians… who should have term limits. Play sports as long as you want…

Vacations become mandatory…10 day minimum after 7 consecutive work years…self employed have ‘ help’ paid for by government!!!

Last Thought!!! Reading while sitting on commode can be put on resume as multitasker…just saying…


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