My Farmer and Me–Peeping cows and Kids!

1393peeping cow8414_307269256293003_2750781617163105617_nThese two are both preparing for the fair. Logan decided to take Mini-Wheze for a walk to dry after her bath, so she could get the ever popular clipping job done. And yes, she will get a pedicure of sorts, also.

The week of the Washington County Fair is a sort of vacation for the grandkids that show the cows for Ed and I. This year our grandson is also showing a Jersey, Chambers, that he has shown for the past 3 years. We will be sending 3 cows; 3 Brown Swiss and 1 Milking Shorthorn, and 2 Brown Swiss heifers. One of the Brown Swiss has fooled us, and is probably going to have her calf early by the looks of her today; she is due the last day of August so was planning to take her as a Dry Cow, meaning she was not milking.  If she does have her little one she will be milking so she will stay here.

Most all of the pre-fair preparations are finished or about to be, thanks to kids and their mom, our daughter Maggie. She is still like a little kid when fair time comes around. She really looks forward to it, and we appreciate her showing our animals.

Two of our sons also show at the fair, one has his own animals and the other leases a couple for his children. It is a lot of work, but is enjoyed by all.

Will write more as we get closer to the show.

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