100_0224Our daughter Maggie, with her daughter Logan(hugging), and another granddaughter, Olivia . Fair 2007.

This past weekend I spent a great deal of time with my daughter and her young ‘uns working in preparation for our county fair coming up in a week. (FYI: at the time I am writing this, Carol-Grammie- is writing on this very subject) so this gives me this opportunity to tell everyone how nice it was clipping cows, while discussing about how out display was going to be set up with my little girl, Maggie!

My one,now very grown up, little girl! Having  that early start and coming home after spending those first 30+ days in a hospital incubator (she weighed 2lbs 9 ozs, born prematurely)has definitely not slowed this special young lady down, even with her being covered with cow shit and hair today.

Having those grown up conversations on politics, raising a family…with 4 kids (really only 3 and a husband)…and hopes for the future, were very special! Lets hope for many more in the future.. Love Ya, Mag!!!


  1. Family Love including cows….. doesn’t get better than that ! What a wonderful moment captured in a photograph….. Can’t wait for the fair !



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