Hey! Is that a Rock Star?.No that is Carol’s very own ‘juvenile’!!!
I’ve talked about the antics that adults participated in at the fair but not to be outdone are those kids! Quite often, the people who watched the Fair grounds overnight, would come to visit parent’s…even me a time or two…in the morning to inform them of the shenanigans of their kids from the night before!
One such visit was funny to the point that discipline was unwarranted due to the DUH factor!!! Long story short, one of my boys…the oldest…in an attempt to hide after pulling a prank….crawled under a car, but only up to his waist!!! Must have been pairs of legs laying around the grounds was a common thing!
Harassment of the carnival workers who used showers over by the cow barns, made them easy targets. But nothing serious!
One very popular prank through the years was when we, or I mean those kids, would let sheep, goats, pigs and sometimes even beef cattle loose to roam the grounds…watching greenhorns round them up was hilarious… One particular night we…OOPS! I slipped again…I mean those kids let some sheep loose and while driving them toward the door to ‘run Free Woolie’  voices, made a retreat the long way around to the cow  barn necessary, where we watched that loose pen of sheep run back and forth thru the barn, coming to a dead stop every time they would reach the open door! Real Downer was when someone walking by pointed them back to their pen…one person…
Buzz around the fair a couple of days later was about those hogs running loose…wasn’t me, I went home early that night, I swear! Darned kids>>>
See you at the fair, Barn 2 on the end facing the barns holding sheep, goats, beef cattle, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and hogs!
Little sad my kids are all grown up…But I do have teenage grand-kids!  Grandpa Guidance!! Yes…


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