View from the Cab…

Get a view from the farmer’s (driver’s) seat while chopping corn for the cows. Corn is not mature enough yet, to put into the bunk, but the cows like it anyway. Parts of the outside rows of this field got knocked over in the wind and rain storms of a few days ago, so gives the opportunity to chop it now.

Carol’s garden flooded again, 3rd time this summer, also. Started out looking pretty good in May, but lost a lot of smaller, fragile plants over 4th of July weekend due to downpours and flooding.  Mud was a problem for about 10 days so weeds took over! Do have a good deal of squash, tomatoes and pumpkins. Potatoes did okay, also.

Soon enough, we will be in the fields every day chopping the corn for the winter feed for our dairy cows and heifers. I chop and Carol draws and unloads wagons; then I pack the pile (bunk) before milking at night. So far it looks like a good crop and that keeps us going.



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