1326855Pink Sky2_269758953377367_4094711876597900620_oAt about 5 a.m. the other morning, our power went off! Good thing coffee was already perked so we had something to do while sitting at the kitchen table contemplating how long before it would be back on…How long do I sit here before going out to hook up the generator; let’s see,milk truck comes just before 10 o’clock and milk has to be cooled to 37 degrees! Wait!! what if the generator has a problem, or maybe the problem is in the main box, what then?

Oh Yeah!!! Both big tractors are hooked onto equipment that will have to be unhooked before it could be used on the generator. One other tractor has a bad battery and with rain the last few days it hasn’t been used so would need battery charger on it before I could uses it. So that would be a NO.

Last choice would be Carol’s tractor which is smaller (70HP) and never used on the generator before. Should be big enough horsepower; looks like we are going to find out one way or the other! Just in case, I will cut the power feed going to the shop sub panel; can’t do anything out there right now anyway. Gotta milk. Also can cut power going to the panel in the freestall that runs lights, fans and plug-ins for water heaters in the cold weather. That would leave the milk house and the milking parlor, along with the house, which could be cut if it had to be. Her tractor will work with all of those options in place.

Hurray, a positive. No junk around the generator and the tires are good, as I pumped them up when I cleaned that area a while ago.

So…Chalk one up for the good guys!!! All that would be left would be to put some extra fuel in the tractor just in case power is off for a longer term. OK> it is working. Then it is milking time and I am beat already. 5:20 and no time for coffee, got to run!!

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