Spend a day with Me…

In a ton of conversations  lately, with both young and old alike, grumbling and groaning mixed in with “I’M bored or no one understands’, followed up by the ever present, ‘I want or I deserve’! Well, listen up. Yes it has been on the warm side with nasty storms, so lets relax and I will give you a guided tour of what my day is like…some lessons included free of charge…and together we’ll find out how to pack more fun in a day than is legal!!!

First thing every morning the traps get checked…that is mouse traps…hopefully luck is on my side cause I learned early on, when attending a small two room school in the big city…Hoosick Falls…not much more is important than a mouse or two  in your pocket!

With pockets full, we go to the parlor and greet all the dogs one by one;Minnie, Lady , Kita, Putz, Lovey and Grissom, as they get breakfast and loads of fresh water! Sometimes now or maybe later, Shivers the cat  will need some rubbin’. No, while getting ready to milk, Sadie will come in for a morning cracker and a rubdown.

Now we can milk, feed small calves in the barn, peafowl and chickens while saying good morning to whoever pokes their head into our face or pecks at a show and like clock work there will be a ‘did you see that moment’ some where.

It is our turn now, for breakfast; with Shivers and some dogs also showing up! Yes, dogs always end up getting toast. After eating, we head out to the garden to dig more potatoes to go with squash, cukes, cabbage, lots of tomatoes and the sweet corn….I see supper BLT’S loaded with tomatoes and sweet corn!

After filling up the veggie wagon I head to the field to chop corn for the cows and the bigger heifers (like we did in the video). After coming back, unloading the silage we chopped for the cows and graining them on top of the feed, I pick up one of two bucket fulls I left in piles. One goes to to bred heifers across the road and I can check them for any problems that might arise.Second bucket goes to other heifers out behind the shop and a few bulls we are raising along with Mongo and Tor. Then I go to the freezer to get ice cream for those two. On my way back out I call to them, ‘ ice cream’ which makes Mongo run his tongue around his lips as he paces the fence until I reach him so he can have his treat!!

Now, jump in the truck with a barrel of corn and a pail of grain, headed to feed the heifers up the road and then pick up a truck load of hay on the way back to feed the cows after might milking.

I have no idea what time it is, just that the sun is still up and its a little cooler with a breeze, so unloading 2 loads of hay that have been parked in the shed for over a week. Enter more of the agenda for the day…with Carol running errands and to do jobs preparing for the fair, would be a good time to run some up in the hay mow and stack some from last week. Then run some up and stack. First three rounds went well, but then on the 4th a quick moving shower came through, making it just a ‘unload it into the mow and stack later. Part of the task was completed; it is in the barn…

Where does time go?It is feeding time again along with milking. But first, BLTs and sweet corn and both of us can call it a day together after all is done.

Looking back, what’s to groan and grumble about; it sure wasn’t boring or need a rocket science degree to understand life with it’s needs not wants or deserves!! Good food, plenty of healthy work, surrounded by animal entertainment…sounds like paradise to me…

Ya know how people refer to a ticket when talking about death…you never know when your ticket will be punched…try reading the other side of that ticket;;;One way and non-refundable…reset buttons are for games…


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