Where is Everybody Going…

14034old deco for fair779_311523562534239_3687310039920784065_nDecorated area in fair barn from a few years ago…Never thought to take pix of this year’s yesterday, while every one was constructing! Will get some of finish product!!!

Know where my destination is…The Washington County Fair…today went up to help my little girl, Maggie, set up our display; to figure out any last minute things we may have forgotten or may need to create or put together so as to do final touch up tomorrow so. On Monday, opening day, when Henry takes our animals up,the check-in with State Vet Roger…same birthday, only 1 year earlier, Roger…can be a less rush, rush day. Years ago we tried to cramp everything into Monday!

It is also important I keep my eye on Maggie, who goes in for back surgery  next month. Isn’t it funny some people in the family have been getting surgeries while they all keep telling me how I never watch what I am doing? “GOING TO PAY FOR THAT” as I knock on the wooden table, chair, floor and walls!!! You never realize how lucky you are when you are healthy…

BUT… Where are all these other people going? Roads…shortcuts into my world…where there was never any traffic , has car after car going through the little towns to reach the Fair or other destinations and once you get to the fair it  is bumper to bumper; while 4 out of 5 houses I drive past has a realtor  or For Sale by Owner sign in the front yard…lots of them!

Since I am very into water and a major part of the area had major issues  with PFOAs found in many town and individual homeowner’s wells in the area. The desire to leave this like many other depressed areas of the country, I understand. Hopefully, these cars I’m meeting are people out looking at houses to purchase and can get the one they are looking for…plus everyone gets on the backs of our elected officials to fix those water problems.. One  major problem no one ever talks about, FRESH WATER!! Many think of underdeveloped or pollution laden countries, when considering fresh water. WRONG! Major problem right here in good old USA. Like past civilizations lets hope ours isn’t doomed because of the inability in us to prioritize water’s importance.

Ok, got off track, so back to the cars and traffic in general…where are you headed? See you at the Fair!!??

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