My Farmer and Me–Looking Back

Part of the Bejosh crew, taken 8 years ago. Boy, how they have grown! They are just a sample of my pride and joy: Jordan, Logan, Tucker and Kaylah (4 of our 10 sources of pride, joy and much more!)  Not bragging or anything, but they are oh, so cute!!!

We weren’t able to get to the Fair today, but through messages we learned that the kids that are showing all placed in the top 10 in their respective Showmanship classes; 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 10th. Terrific!

Another generation of cow-kids. Whew! Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday our kids were the ones hanging on the gates around the show ring, just praying their animals would behave and do well in the placings. Most of the time they did; Chad’s first calf was so spoiled she laid down while in the show ring and he was mortified! Maggie had a couple of cows that would head directly to the ring as soon as they were haltered up so she had to make sure her class was already there and ready to show. We tried to make sure we had a contestant for the best dressed calf contest and I think our other two boys were a bit embarrassed to participate after some of the ‘costumes’ the older two had come up with! Red Riding Hood comes to mind, along with a devil and angel. Fun times…

Well, kiddos, you did well today. Tomorrow and Friday will be busy for you with the Open Class Dairy Shows which you all participate in. Give it a good shot and have fun…


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