My Farmer and Me–Time Passes

Another Milestone: Kaylah is all grown up!

Feeling so excited, yet a bit sad, that our oldest grandchild will soon be going out into the big world on her own. She has come so far since the two photos on the left were taken, 1 with Grampy and ‘Jenny”(I believe the first Swiss she showed) and with Abbey, first animal to show.

She has always professed a passion for these animals, but she also loves them unconditionally. Her patience, diligence at completing the task at hand and being the best she can be at this ‘show thing’ is amazing. She always said she would have great Brown Swiss animals, and she has had a few great ones in her short life.

Yesterday she had the Grand Champion Swiss.(3rd photo)  Her brother showed Milking Shorthorns with her and together they did amazingly well. Jordan has a few more years to perfect his skills but has been a source of pride for us, also, with only bigger and better times to come…

Kaylah, you are an amazing young woman. The first in a line of 10 grandchildren, you have set the standard high for the rest, and I am sure each one will excel in their own way.You have chosen a path for now and it will be an amazing journey for you. No need to tell you to make us proud; you already have, over and over again! Love you, pretty girl!

Oh, the possibilities….

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  1. Carol, have you changed the way you post photos? I don’t seem able to see them big enough. Congrats on your amazing grand kids (I only have two!)



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