Vasectomy…Thank the Judge…What…

3 kiddosMade it to the fair to watch our grand kids show in the 4-H division  with great results today!!! Chad and Kate …my oldest son and his wife…along with their kids Kaylah and Jordan under their farm name, Classy Creek, did a phenomenal job! Also Maggie, with her kids Logan, Tucker and Cooper are watching our Bejosh cows and Tucker also showed in  4-H  doing an awesome job. A cousin, Erin, showed a Bejosh heifer and placed 2nd in her class..great job. In the Grand Champion for Milking Shorthorn, three of the four up for the honor had a grandchild at the halter!! (Jordan’s animal won that title and Jordan won a goodie box of items as a prize..see photo) Great sight to see.

Then after the show, was able to spend a few minutes with Betsy Foote listening to the Judge of the show, about how he enjoyed how well run the show was; also commenting on the great work ethic of the kids, right down to the little ones!!***On a personal side I would like to say :”Good Job sir, the way you handled those youngsters while I was present this afternoon was outstanding. Something I feel will help them greatly in their 4-H endeavors…and thank you for judging these kids with education in mind”.

The ‘vasectomy ‘part of the title was going to be the whole story on farmer helping farmer, up until the kids did such a great job I couldn’t not write about them!!! Ironically, the 4-H show and seeing how not only kids help and root for each other as do the families; back in the barn or bringing animals to the show ring, helping hands abound… As it is in the farm community for any situation!

Like back when my father heard that a neighboring farmer had been in the hospital; like lots of news in farming, it came via the milk truck driver!!! So  after hurrying and doing chores, we headed to their farm to see if they could use some help! Running into said hospital patient, as we arrived at their barn, my father asked if all was well; he had heard the guy had been in the hospital! His answer was  that it was just a day-thing, he had gone in for a vasectomy!!!

I noticed the pause in my father as he went on with the conversation telling them we are just up the road if they needed anything, then headed home.What we did the rest of the afternoon I can’t remember; the part I do remember is that night when we finished milking and we were both in the milk-house shutting down every thing and he was washing his hands to head to the house for supper, he turned to me and asked,”What is a vasectomy?”

Knowing exactly the terms my answer had to be in, I replied, “He got nutted!” With a simple “oh”, my father turned and headed to the house! My reaction was more a ‘WHEW’, I just had my version of the talk on sex with my father!!! Now that is a helpful day in the journey called life!!!!

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