My Farmer and Me: Another Fair Day…

Brother and sister Liv and Jeb had a good day at the fair today. They show Holsteins with some friends of their’s and both finished midway in this class.  These two are our youngest son Jess’ kiddos.  Another source of pride for Grampy and Me!! Good Job guys!!!

Tomorrow is the Brown Swiss show. We have 3 animals to show there this year; Kandy, Hickup and Mini-Wheze. Maggie and the crew will be showing and we will hopefully, get there in time to watch. If not, they will keep us informed via phone on how they are doing.

The animals look good and the kids and Maggie are ready for the chance to show once again for Bejosh. Looking forward to the day, and wish the crew a good time. Just have fun and enjoy!
1404Liv and Jeb5668_313885442298051_1372202685029905903_n


  1. You have a beautiful family to be so proud of. There is no healthier or meaningful learning experience for children to grow up with animals. What an amazing experience for them to prepare and show cattle at the Fair. Watching cattle judging at the fair is a must for fair goers – especially the 4-H kids. There is nothing like the pride of grandparents. It’s our reward for aging. Enjoy the rest of the week.



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